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Phree lets you write, sketch, annotate and express yourself in countless other ways. On virtually any surface

It’s a familiar form, but truly revolutionary!

With Phree, you use your innate dexterity and the fine control of a writing tool to simplify your digital interaction

Phree’s 3D optical tracking engine precisely measures your hand motion and in an eye-blink, renders digital ink on the screen of your phone, tablet and laptop

Phree lets you go beyond the screen to express yourself more quickly and easily


Talpiot III (Physics & Maths BSc), MBA/INSEAD
30+ years of hi-tech management and global business
Avid yacht skipper and SUP surfer

Gilad Lederer

Co-Founder, Co-CEO

Talpiot II (Physics & Maths BSc), Ph.D., Physics, Weizmann Institute
30+ years of hi-tech R&D and management
Traveler, biker, hiker

Dr. Opher Kinrot

Co-Founder, Co-CEO

Talpiot IV (Physics & Maths BSc), M.Sc., Physics, Tel-Aviv University
25+ year of high-tech R&D and system engineering
Bird and animal watcher

Uri Kinrot

Co-Founder, Chief Engineer

Physics & Maths BSc, Industrial Design Bezalel Academy
25+ year of product and industrial design
Senior lecturer and combat pilot

Elisha Tal

Chief Designer

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